We had by now done so many game drives, and although every single Safari is different and more beautiful, it was maybe this simplest little moment that now counts as one of the most breath-taking sights I have ever seen.

After about a 2-hour long game drive, our ranger without much warning, stops in the middle of nowhere. A few scattered logs lay around acting as make-shift benches. Surrounded by thorny Acacia trees and a few shrubs we had arrived at the evenings “Sundowners bar” for a traditional Gin and Tonic (G&T).

I begin wondering around looking for anything of interest, Impala, Zebra the illusive Leopard, who knows maybe I’ll be lucky. We start making the normal small talk with newly made friends.
A few minutes pass and our Ranger has gone quiet. Almost excusing himself from all conversations, a gentle kind of way of telling us all to quiet down. His boasting a small smirk on his face with a kind of ‘just you wait’ expression.

Then it starts, the most incredible sunset I have ever seen in my life. As if ushered into a theater to watch a master piece directed and produced by Mother Nature herself. The curtains open and the show begins. The orange, pinks, red and yellows the lights bouncing off each cloud. The sky seems to have grown, never-ending, panoramic all-embracing. A location so un-assuming that now in retrospect seems so perfectly planned. A constantly changing light show, flocks of birds join the theatrics with choreographed precision. Roars, chirps and cries from distant wildlife the sound track, I’m completely lost in this moment.
In no uncertain terms, I have been blessed with an African sunset.

This was definitely one of the most amazing gifts I’ve received in my life. A simple sunset, something that we so often take for granted, etched into my soul.

Thank You Madikwe