Masibambane Sibuyise Isidima Sethu Daycare Center Charity Drive

A while back, Escape 2 Africa and Bravoskills went out to Langa to conduct a Charity Drive at the Masibambane Sibuyise Isidima Sethu Daycare Center. A Center for the elderly and physically challenged members of the community.

This Daycare Center was founded by Nosipho Mabandla who raised such a good point in her words of gratitude. Our government promotes the youth of today and uplifts our kids, which is right, but let us not forget that the reason why the government fights for our youth is because our elders fought with our government for change. The change that is now being implemented and that our youth can benefit from. They fought so their children and their children’s children can live a better life. Nosipho thought to herself, if we can have a day care for kids then surely we can have a day care for our senior citizens. They will come together and swop stories, drink tea, sing songs, do arts and crafts and preach words of praise. Most importantly they will have company to keep them warm during the cold winter months.

Upon our arrival we were welcomed with prayer and song, smiles and hugs. We were received with open arms, a warm welcome to make us forget, just for a second, about the violence, about the danger, about the poverty happening around us. What seems trivial to you and me could be one of life’s greatest blessings to others.

Although Bravoskills and Escape 2 Africa was able to bless the Masibambane Daycare Center with groceries, running costs and transport costs are an expense currently being paid for out of Nosipho’s pocket. If you would like to assist lease feel free to get into contact with Escape 2 Africa.

Contact Details for enquiries

(t) 0763986494 / 0797667271


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