Prepare to have a good read with these fun and fascinating Proudly South African facts  that will make you feel even more Proudly South African than you already are, and that’s a fact!

Here we go …

South Africa has a population of over 55milion people

In Soweto, Vilakazi Street has been the home of two noble peace prize winners, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. A visit to Vilakazi street is a must see for those interested in the history of South Africa.

The world’s largest timed cycling race takes place in Cape Town, South Africa. The Cape Town Cycle Tour. Hosted on the foothills of Table Mountain, the Falsebay Coastline and the Atlantic Coast line, the race plays host to about 35000 cyclists.

South Africa has 11 national languages.

The tallest bird, the largest fish, the largest land animal and fastest land animal are all from South Africa. They are the Ostrich, Whale fish, Elephant and Cheetah.

Do you love wine? Well, South Africa boasts the world’s largest wine-route. Route 66 starts in Cape Town and ends in Port Elizabeth that’s 850km’s of deliciousness.

The Kruger National Park is HUGE, 19,365kms squared. That’s a national park that’s just a little smaller than Belgium.

On the 9th December 1967 Dr Chris Barnard performed the world’s first heart transplant. A procedure that took him a staggering 9 hours.

South Africa’s Karoo Region is home to some of the world’s best fossils.

The Kreepy Crawly, an automatic pool cleaner was invented in South Africa.

The last one took me by surprise. I guess I never put any thought into a Kreepy Crawly, this makes for a good topic for conversation at the next dinner party 😉

Well there you go, some very interesting Proudly South African facts about our beautifully breathtaking country that you may or may not have known. If you didn’t then, well ….. you do know! Bet you’re feeling pretty proud now…..aren’t you.