We Know Cape Town is the most beautiful City in the world.
We know that all year you have been sitting in your Sandton offices staring at the picture of Clifton 4th beach, repeatedly scrolling through that file named “December holidays 2016”.

This year before we start complaining about the all the GP and KZN number plates, we need a favour.
We need you to SAVE LIKE A LOCAL!

Its estimated that come march next year Cape Town will run out of water.
And let’s not point fingers this article is not here to blame and speculate.
Cape Town needs your help.

How you might ask? well, read below.

Keep your shower to under a minute, it’s not hard. A small spray to wet that holiday body you have been working on whole year. Its slim, slender, lean and mean. you don’t even need that much water, turn off the shower lather lots and rinse blerrie quickly!
If you in sparkling Cape Town, I mean really how dirty can you get?

Fun fact our premier Helen Zille washes every two days, and you can actually see the moral high ground glowing out of her oily skin.

What Ever accommodation you chose, collect your shower water. Use that to flush your toilet with. EVERY bit helps.

Show and shines are last year. Grime is in, do not wash your cars! We know they cool we see through the dirt no jokes!

if its brown flush it down, if its yellow let it mellow. Everywhere and anywhere restaurants, malls, club’s bars you name it.

Pack enough clothes so you don’t have to wash any here, but If you really need to wash your clothes please make it a full load but only out of peak hour times.

Last few tips during the festive season

– If you are thirsty drink a beer.
– If you want to brush your teeth use whiskey.
– Keep some extra bottled water with you.
– Use hand sanitizer to wash hands.
– If you need to wash your hair, go to one of Cape Town’s fine salons.

In return, we promise to be even more friendly, not flip you the birdie on the road and be more modest about Cape Town being the world’s most beautiful city.


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