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Table Mountain Guided Hike

Table Mountain Guided Hike Tour

Hiking Table Moutain

Departure Time : 06H00 – 06H15

Return Time : 13H00

Join us on a unique Adventure up Table Mountain. Our certified guide will ensure a safe and unique memorable experience, while also learning the rich history of South Africa’s most iconic landmark – Table mountain.

What to bring : 

•     Backpack to carry your water & anything else you may want in.
•     Comfortable hiking shoes (stable/supportive sports shoes are fine if you don’t have hiking boots)
•     2L of water per person + lunch/snacks for the trip
•     Raincoat/windbreaker
•     Sunglasses & sunhat or beanie
•     Sunscreen (Factor 30+)
•     Camera/phone to take photos
•     Any medication you may need (i.e. Athsma pump, insulin, etc)
•     Please leave any valuables(jewelry and large sums of money) at the hotel. It is not needed on the mountain.
•     R150 per person Cableway fee down after the hike for India or Kasteelpoort routes. This is payable in cash or by credit card at the top of the mountain on the day.
•     Pick-up At your Hotel